Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Taxing your newly bought vehicle
    • Getting insured on your newly bought vehicle
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    • What is a Crew Cab, Crew Van, Double Cab and Combi Van?


(Q). Do you accept cars/vans in for part exchange?

(A). Yes, we are happy to accept part exchange. We will take a look at your vehicle and offer you the best possible price based on, condition, reg, mileage etc… Please take a look at our PART EXCHANGE page.


(Q). Do you offer finance on vehicles?

(A). Yes, we can arrange finance for part payment or full payment of a vehicle, Please take a look at our FINANCE page.


(Q). What happens if something is wrong with a vehicle I purchased?

(A). All of our vehicles come with a 28 day warranty. This covers you for any issues that may occur. We always do our best to please a customer, our aim is to have you on the road in a vehicle you are 100% happy and comfortable in 🙂


(Q). Do you deliver vehicles and how far will you deliver to?

(A). Yes we deliver all of our vehicles all around the country, please check our EXTRA SERVICES page for more info.


(Q). How do I go about taxing a vehicle I just bought from JJ CVS LTD?

(A). Taxing a vehicle has been made so easy now it takes just a few minutes to do online, we have internet access here at the office, so you can tax your vehicle making it legal before you hit the road 🙂


(Q). How do I get my newly bought vehicle insured?

(A). At JJ CVS LTD we are connected with a brilliant insurance company, before you pick-up your newly bought vehicle we can get our insurance company to give you a call and give you a quote, 9 out of 10 people are offered a cheaper quote than their current vehicle insurance. If you are not happy with what you have been quoted by our insurance company, you can arrange your own insurance before picking up your vehicle 🙂


(Q). I want to arrange an appointment to view or discuss a vehicle?

(A). Seen a vehicle you like? Our opening hours are (Monday – Friday) 9AM – 5PM, but we understand it can be hard for people who work during them hours to pay us a visit. So we offer appointments later in the evenings also Saturday and Sundays. To book an appointment give us a call our number can be found on the bottom of any page, or send us an email on the CONTACT US page.


(Q). What is the difference between a Crew Cab, Crew Van, Double Cab and Combi Van?

(A). They are all the same thing, just different terms used by different manufacturers. e.g. Vauxhall make a van called a combo, which is also called a combi van. Whilst Ford call their version a crew cab. All of the above terms mean a van with seats in the front and back, with space for storage, tools etc…



If you did not find the answer you were looking for, we are more than happy to help you 🙂 please get in touch using the simple form on the CONTACT US page or by giving us a call, our number can be found on the bottom of any page 🙂